Saturday, 19 March 2016

Week One of #100mugsin100days

Fun, fun and fun!

This is what these first 5 mugs were.Fun! The first week was all about hand building. The techniques I used in making of these mugs are slab building, coiling and pinching. I used wall paper, wooden stamps and a beautiful rock to create the texture on the mugs.

Handles - on mugs no. 1 and no. 2 are cut from slab. On mug number 3 is coil and mug no. 4 and 5 the handles are pulled (an improvement from handle no. 1 I would say). Hurrah!

What I have learned so far
  • to stay more focused when I make something but always have fun
  • to observe the clay a lot more, its reaction to every touch of my hands, and my reactions to clay's reactions. I would say I am learning to connect more with each step of making a pot (oh my!)
  • that I can make a pot without  planning ahead
  • that I enjoy throwing more than I enjoy hand building (so far anyway)
  • how to combine more photos into one and post it on Instagram
  • that writing a blog is not as scary as I thought it will be 
So here they are

Next week I will be throwing mugs and pull all the handles. If I want to improve 'pulling' handles, all I have to do is just keep doing it. Simple!

If you want to join us in this amazing and fun adventure you can find us on Facebook here


Long Buckby Pottery

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